Research Studies and Opportunity Mapping

Market targeting and analysis forms a core discipline in our service. Many of our projects explore a market in great detail and summarize the opportunities and trends often with a global view. A specialism here has been to define a global direction for a product range (for example in colour material and finish), either by setting a single style which can succeed in multiple markets or by making changes for individual markets (often divided as USA, Europe and Asia). As a small company with a large footprint our team across Europe and the far-east are able to combine different market studies into a single global overview.

Where the project is more focused on new product development we normally start with research study of market trends and relevant design references within the target market segment. This helps to define a design direction for the concept generation phase, additionally we can use this stage to help to identify market gap opportunities.

Idea Generation and Concept Development

The research phase normally leads directly into the generation of a wide range of design concepts either in 2D or 3D. Using idea generation techniques and structured concept development we explore a wide range of possible solutions to a problem and then together with the client choose the best solutions to develop further. For totally new product development this phase normally explores more generic concepts and ideas before iterative selection and refinement together. For design updates or improvements to existing designs this stage can be used to divide a product into different areas and produce suggestions and changes to these aspects before combining them again into a total refined design.


Detail Design

Smaller refinements or changes are made to a selected concept or existing design. This phase often adds a functional aspect to an appearance design and combines engineering and manufacturing into a 3D model using engineering software rather than surface modeling. Industrial Design Engineering is our second core discipline and means we are able to combine the aesthetics and function together into an engineering solution. Realistic renderings of the concepts are produced for presentation.


Mechanical Engineering

In this phase a refined concept is detailed in 3D engineering software and the next level of manufacture detail is added to the design. Detail design of each component and generation of 3D CAD files and engineering drawings are provided as needed. Working closely with manufactures especially in the Purl River Delta and other areas of China means this is often the start of a collaboration between the manufacturing engineers and our internal staff.

Prototyping and Manufacturing

As our third core discipline Production and Supply takes place from our Hong Kong and Shenzhen offices (since 2004). Prototypes, mock-ups, pre-production samples and small scale manufacture runs as well as full mass-production either directly by us, or together with the clients chosen manufacture partner. We have onsite staff to troubleshoot and quality control. With our company infrastructure and setup, QC and inspection can take place directly in our China office, before shipping into our Hong Kong warehouse and onward to the final destination. This important structural setup is vital for efficient supply and has saved our clients from disastrous rejects and delays.



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