TECA Studio runs an internship / placement program in its UK, China and Hong Kong offices and accepts candidates internationally.

Candidates are selected from a shortlist and win a placement purely on the merits of their interview and portfolio.

All candidates are required to adhere to the following conditions and guidelines for the placement, due to the confidential nature of many of their projects please note a confidentiality agreement must be signed.

Internship and placement requirements:

  •  Internships and placements will normally be between six and twelve months.
  •  Internship or placement positions will be treated as normal staff positions internally with the same responsibilities and facilities as other colleagues.
  •  TECA will provide the successful candidate with practical experience and know- how in a working environment.
  •  Line management and mentoring will normally be given by colleges in similar positions such as designers and engineers working alongside the candidate.
  •  TECA will provide the same environment and facilities to the candidate as a permanent employee of the company.

Responsibilities of the internship/placement candidate:

  • Provide TECA with a resume and any other necessary documents.
  • Abide by the personnel policies of TECA; maintain regular and prompt attendance; contact the appropriate supervisor when questions arise.
  • Perform all of the duties and responsibilities of the position in a professional manner.
  • Maintain confidentiality with regard to sensitive information gained in the work environment.
  • To fulfill all training requirements.
  • To observe the given working rules and company guidelines, and to manage all tools, instruments, machines and materials with due care and attention.
  • To respect the interests of the TECA and to observe the codes and practice of confidentiality.
  • To inform TECA immediately over every working day on which she/he cannot be present. Days lost due to sickness are to be verified by a doctor’s certificate, as appropriate.
  • Withdrawal from the placement must be preceded with written notice at least two weeks in advance.
  • The Candidate shall not perform any other activities at the Company outside what has been stated in this Cooperation Agreement.
  • In his/her project work, the Candidate shall follow the instructions of his/her supervisor(s).
  • During the contract period, the candidate shall not be absent without TECA’s permission.
  •  Normal working hours are 9.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday. The candidate will be expected to work appropriate hours in order to carry out his/her responsibilities in line with normal permanent staff working practice.


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    Switzerland: +41 79 862 4926

    Hong Kong: +852 3529 2058

    China: +86 755 2513 1396

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